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We have made every effort to make this experience accessible to everyone, and we hope that as many people as possible will enjoy it.


The portal itself has been designed to be wide enough for wheelchair and mobility scooter users, and the wooden decking allows these users to access the beach where the experience takes place.

In addition to the augmented reality experience we have created an audio described version for those who are blind or have vision impairment.

At specific times, demonstrators will be present to help those who require a little extra assistance. Watch our social media pages and website for date announcements.

How to use the time portal

You will need an up-to-date smartphone with a mobile data to view the augmented reality. The experience has sound, so headphones are recommended at busy times. 

There is also an option to turn on closed caption subtitles. Just tap the CC button on your phone screen during the experience. 

Follow the steps below to travel in time:

Icon of phone scanning QR code

01. SCAN

Scan QR code on information board.

Icon of footprints


Stand on footprints facing the portal.

Icon of phone scanning portal


Line up the shape in the app to the Portal. Tap to lock in place.

Icon of arrow facing towards portal

04. STEP

Step through the portal to travel back in time.

Audio Described Version

Are you ready to go back in time with Mary? Click the audio player on the right to play an audio described version for those who are blind or have vision impairment.

Click the 'Read more' below to view the transcript of the audio described version.


Click here

Hello, and welcome to the Bognor Regis time portal. You're standing in front of a futuristic looking red metal door frame. As you walk through it, it is as if you were travelling back in time to 19th century Victorian Bognor Regis. In front of you are some large bathing machines. These are wooden huts on wheels painted in red and yellow stripes. Bathing machines allow people to change into swimwear without compromising their modesty, and Victorian England was pretty hot on modesty. The bathing machines was then pulled out to see by a horse led by Mary Wheatland or one of her workers. Once out to a depth deep enough to swim, the bather would take to the water. If you turn to your left about four metres in front of you is a hologram of a woman: Mary Wheatland. Mary was a bathing machine owner and worked the beach for most of her life. She's wearing a blue button-up jacket and long skirt. She has a straw hat with her name painted in gold letters across the headband. Mary was credited with saving over thirty people from drowning in her career. She saved her first life when she was only sixteen! She's wearing two shiny metals, one bronze and one silver. These were awarded to her for her life saving gallantry.

Map of Bognor Regis with location of Time Portal on the Bognor Regis promenade
How do I get there

How do I get there?

The Bognor Regis Time Portal is situated on The Promenade opposite the Place St Maur, in the middle of the main beach between Butlins and the pier, just to the east of the bullnose.

If coming from the town centre, it can be accessed via the pedestrian crossing, where there is a ramp. 

It is approximately a ten-minute level walk from Bognor Regis Train Station.  The nearest parking is in the Regis Centre car park on the other side of the road, or there is also metered parking on The Esplanade. Local buses stop in the town centre, just a few minutes walk away.

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